Bend flexible connections made of flat and round braids in any direction

Flexible connections made of copper braids have many advantages, mainly thanks to the possibilities of bending them in every direction. Connections can be bent both vertically and horizontally, as well as sideways in practically every plane. The flexibility of the connections stem from the fact that they are made of several copper braids (depending on the total cross-section required) of a certain length, which are finished with a flat end made of a pressed copper pipe. The ending length, called terminal or ferrule, usually depends on the width of the connection.

Straight connections made of flat and round braids

One of the biggest advantages of these connections is the fact that they are very flexible and therefore easy to assemble. The possibilities of bending are presented in the picture below

In these connections, the flexibility of the connection made from braided copper cords was compared. As you can see, the mobility of a connection made of round braids is very good and significantly exceeds flexibility of connection made of a standard flat braided tapes. Regarding press-welded connections (which this picture does not present), there is no possibility to side bending of the connection. In both cases the cross-section of the connection is the same (the thickness of the terminal does not change). All that counts is application and how important the flexibility of connections is. An example of the use of connections from braided cords are connections that we produce for steel furnaces.

For the production of flexible connections copper braids are used, which are a combination of copper wires made of Cu-ETP. Standard diameter of single wire is 0,1 or 0,2mm. The braids are manufactured in various cross-sections, from several to even several hundred sqmm.

Flexible connections type V

Flexible connections made of copper braids can be manufactured according to the customers’ requirements in many ways. The majority of connections that our company produce are non-standard. The picture below shows a V-type connection, which is characterized by a single terminal on one side (wider) and two terminals on the other end. Thanks to their flexibility, they also have a large bending range practically in each direction.

These advantages cause that connections made of copper braids, although a little more expensive than welded connections, are very popular among customers. What is important in the production of such connections is the terminal. It should be made correctly so as not to damage delicate copper wires of very movable braid. To achieve it, the terminal is chamfered from the inside at the right angle. Such connection ensures a long service life regardless of vibrations and connection movement. As you can see in the picture below, thanks to the possibility of bending the connections in opposite directions, flexible connectors can be installed in a very efficient and easy way, even if the places of connection were designed in an extremely uncomfortable way.